Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Cards

These are some of the cards I made a while back. I really like them & I thought I would share them with you.

I really wanted to wish you A Very Happy Birthday....
.... but I was drunk!
Happy Belated Birthday!

No Mojo Lately...

I've missed 'doin' the Mojo' for the last few weeks. It seems I've had change of address - I live on the corner of Chaos & Mayhem now - the exact address being 'HELL'!  My pretty little girl (cat) Miss Penny, crushed her leg in June & helping her heal has taken up a lot of time & energy this summer. It's been really hard for her but she has been a real trooper. Miss Penny has been super cooperative for the Vet and is a great patient. She wants to lick her itchy leg & she can't go outside.  That's really hard for her.  But all of this has been hard for my boys, Jag & Prince, as well.  All our routines are out of whack. I am hoping she is almost done healing. She had skin grafts last week & we'll see if they took tomorrow. Poor lil' monkey!  Wish her the best...

Note: Miss Penny got her bandage off & the skin grafts took!  We are on the final stretch of the healing process. YAH!!

I got some fabulous stamps from Verve last week that I'm DYING to use. I hope I get time this week.... :-D !

Mojo 151 times Two

I love Mojo Monday and I love to try the same sketch more than once. It really gives my creativity a push. Here are a couple of stabs at Mojo 151 that are as different as I can make them.

Moving Day

I thought I would move my pictures over from my webpage (Joan's Mojo Monday Fun) & put them here. I must confess, I'm having a really hard time with this 'blog' thing but I'll keep working on it. Stay tuned...